Friday, January 04, 2008

A medical miracle

I find this vaguely amusing.

A man falls 47 stories to the ground. His brother falls with him. The man survives the fall, and because of amazing work by his physicians, he regains consciousness after almost a month.

It is, apparently, a miracle.

It's an easy joke to make, but the miracle he could have used was not falling in the first place. His brother really could have used a miracle like that. He died.

Or, if that miracle wasn't going to happen (though it seems it would have been the cheapest as far as the costs to alter reality goes), he could really have used no injuries at all. Presumably, his brother would have preferred the same miracle.

I just watched Superman III again last night. Superman would have been a helpful miracle, too. He could have swooped in and saved them both. Then captured a mugger and prevented an armed robbery.

So this guy, a window washer, deserves a miracle (and a rather slipshod, shitty one at that--he's going to have a lot of chronic pain to deal with). His brother, a window washer, does not. God's a funny guy.

And if god gets credit for his recovery, who gets credit for the fall?

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