Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is amusing.

I say that if people are stupid enough to whip and crucify themselves, they deserve tetanus. If they are dumb enough to do it with dirty nails and whips, they deserve tetanus and a nasty infection. If god digs this shit, then they deserve the plague and theists deserve better.

In a sick, misguided way, I can see mutilating, torturing and abusing other people in the name of your religion. Not fellow members of your faith, mind you, but infidels, apostates and heathens. That makes sense. They're wrong, so they must be punished.

To a lesser degree, I can understand abusing members of your faith who are still different from you in some way, like burning widows, beating wives and killing homosexuals.

I want to make perfectly clear that I condone NEITHER of these things, but I could see how they would make sense.

But to crucify yourself, and flagellate yourself is some fucked up shit. And you have a fucked up god if that's what jellies his roll. You need to find a new religion. Seriously.

Stop, take a step back, examine yourself, and the guy you call god (you know the one, the merciful one who demands blood sacrifice), and call your shrink.

Happy easter, you sick fucks.

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