Saturday, November 22, 2008

The nipple heard 'round the world

Everybody knows about Janet Jackson's nipple. It was huge. Not the nipple, but the incident. I knew as soon as I saw it I knew that the nipple would be the most important part of the game. In fact, I have a hard time remembering who was even playing. But I remember that breast.

In case you don't, here's the clip. I'll embed it, because I want Janet Jackson's breast on my blog. The money shot comes at 1:19, so if you don't want to listen to Justin, you can just get to the point.

I bring this up because I noticed something tonight. I was watching a retro dance video show, and I saw a pretty cool video that I had all but forgotten, and I remembered that the Superbowl was actually the second time Janet's right nipple had caused a stir. Here's the offending video, which, seen from the distance of a decade, is still pretty cool and I dig the choreography.

The song is "Together Again". At about 3:20, the video shows Janet singing in front of a tree while another woman embraces her. That woman's hand is on Janet's right breast. Then there's a cut away, and at 3:35, the video cuts back to the two women, and Janet's breast is exposed. When I first saw it, I saw the nipple, and noted it for two reasons. One, the other woman's hand had moved, and two, Janet's hot.

The version you see now is airbrushed, as it was shortly after the initial airing. The FCC seems to be very very preoccupied with Janet's nipple.

Consequently, so am I.

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