Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ray Comfort via Christian Worldview Network

We all know that Comfort is a wackaloon, a fraud, and kind of an in-joke. I wonder if any actual RTCs (with a PTGHWAC to Slacktivist and the LB saga of horribleness) actually listen to and believe him. He get play on like three websites, all hosted by crazy folk who believe things like a 6000 year old earth and dinosaurs on the ark.

He's at it again with the good folks at Christian Worldview Network, reposted from his blog. Here's a few choice bits.

3. God creates the moon as a light, but we know it is not a light.

We are aware that it merely reflects the sun's light, but it is a light that shines at night, as the Bible says. Haven't you heard of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata?

Shazamm!, bitches. Bet you didn't know that I was gonna cite Beethoven on you, didja? Snap! Air-fucking-tight!

5. God creates the Earth before the Sun, what gravitational field is the Earth sitting in?

Every planetary body (including the Earth) is surrounded by its own gravitational field, which exerts an attractive force on all objects. God created gravity, and He holds all things together by His own power (see Colossians 1:17).

Kind of a nonsense question, and Ray responds in kind. He also neglects to mention that every object has gravity, including my pancreas (the relevant bit begins at 2:11).

6. God creates things in three days with "evening and morning" yet in order to have an evening and morning it relies on the Earth to rotate and the light source to come from a point, but God is everywhere.

God created every law of nature, and He is not bound by His own creation. He has power over thunder, lightning, earthquakes, the sun, and the wind, and even over you...as you will eventually find out.

Don't come at me with your "logics" and "arguments", you, you, thinker, you. God is not bound by your puny "reasoning".

And there, once again, is why we are wasting our time on both sides. But it keeps us busy, don't it?

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