Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Antichrist

The Antichrist may be my favourite part of Christian mythology. First, it's given us some kickass movies, though admittedly, it's given us a few duds, too. It's part of the crazily abysmal Left Behind Books by LaHaye and some other loser. I know how bad they are. I started to read them, because, you know, the Antichrist.
And finally, he may be responsible for the Olympics. I am not making this up:

Are the Olympics directly tied to the ‘one world AntiChrist’?

I’m not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and I am not saying that this is true. However, it has been a question that was brought up from ‘the pentecostal past’ because of these factors:
  • All the nations coming together in one place
  • The olympic flag with the colored ring representing the colors of every
    national flag of the world
  • The use of the olympics to subvertly promote liberal social causes
It makes me wonder….
It may make you wonder, but that makes you a delusional nutbar. And I fail to see how believing that Satan is secretly running the world is not a "conspiracy theory".

Consider this a public service announcement: You. Are. Crazy. So's this guy:

No one enjoys the Olympic Games more than I do. Every four years, both in the Summer and Winter Olympics, I watch, enthralled with the athletic ability of the performers, as they routinely, and beautifully, perform feats that are totally amazing. I think every person should enjoy these games to their hilt. Like few other things in our society, these Olympic Games show forth God's handiwork in creating human beings. Surely, as Romans 1:20, states, God's creation shows forth His attributes, His power, and His glory. Surely, these athletes do prove that we are "fearfully" and "wonderfully" created.

However, we shall show today how the modern Olympic Games are being mightily utilized to bring the world into the New World Order. While we cannot say with certainty that this goal was in the minds of the original founders of the Modern Olympic Games, we believe such may, indeed, have been the case. Bear with us as we review some of the evidence.
Where do these people come up with this shit? Tell me that religion is sane. Go ahead. Tell me.


David said...

And yet, there is always someone crazier.

And do check out her Youtube videos. Not only is she single-handedly stopping the anti-christ, but she is praying for the Illuminati's car tires to suffer slow leaks, for their hair to lack bounce, and other such indignities. Hers is a tiny, spiteful god.

V1ktor said...

hahaha I got that book Antichrist from the early church. Haven't had a chance to read that absurd yet.

That youtube prayer list is hilarious, that girl needs some serious medications.