Sunday, December 14, 2008

Banana Republic

Sometimes I drink too much and it interferes with my recall. There have been a few blackouts, and my recollection of situations is sometimes suspect. And at Christmastime, there's more spirit than sense, so things may be worse than usual. It could be that this is just my pink elephant. Instead of bugs, my hallucinations take the form of government coups.

So call me crazy. But didn't Jean prorogue parliament for seven weeks? Didn't she just send everyone home? Parliament is not sitting, isn't that so? Wasn't that a problem because it meant that there could be no action on the economy?

I was a bit surprised to find that we were gonna bailout the auto sector, anyway. 'Cause, you know, fuck it. Who needs a sitting government anyway?

I met a lovely woman last night from Iran. I was faced with trying to explain the actions of a government that I do not support, taking actions that I do not understand, manipulating a system that is supposed to prevent this sort of thing.

Let us set aside the bailout. It may or may not be a good idea. My thoughts on the situation are no secret and conflicted and complicated. That's not the issue. Really.

What really chaps my ass is this: Harper was afraid of the Opposition and was about to be fired. He called a time out. No parliament. No government. No legislation. That was the deal. So if the CPC can pass legislation and give some money to the automakers without a sitting government, this is bad fucking news.

This is disturbing and the precedent is dangerous. Apparently, we need not bother with the distractions like elections or constitutional law. We can just get on with the business of government.

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Colette Amelia said...

Indeed! it seems that life seems to tick along whether the politicians are politicking or not...why bother voting?

I am waiting for my bailout and whom do I send my request to? Or do I just find a politician in the bar and buy him a drink and plead my case?