Monday, December 08, 2008

Tell me about yourself.

I've spent the last several posts questioning the beliefs of conservatives, and debunking the myths they hold regarding progressives. I've been forced to make some assumptions about their beliefs, however. I simply don't understand them; I cannot get inside the conservative mind. And so I am forced to speculate about what they think.

I've berated them for their renditions of liberals, trying to stick to the representations they present, rather than imagining what they think. I'm not 100% sure that I've been successful, and so I'm going to ask.

I'm pretty sure that some self-professed conservatives will read this either on Blogger or on Facebook. And so I pose a question:

What do you actually believe?

I need to know. Not because I want to belittle the right, but because I want to understand them. I've asked a friend, but so far he seems reluctant to answer.

Help me out, here.


G. Harrison said...

hi shaggy,

after reading Mountie Solberg's column this morning in The Free Press i thought I'd argue a few (about 40) points but didn't have the willpower to take on the long task, as per your M. Cohen rebuttal.

i said to a friend after morning coffee, some conservatives might change their thinking after living through a prolonged crisis brought on by following their philosophy, but would find a way to blame it on someone else.

good luck with your quest.

gord harrison

Father Shaggy said...

The 'net has given it a name, as it seems to do all things. It's called fisking, and while it's long and sometimes tedious, it's ultimately quite rewarding. I was thinking about taking on Solberg. I probably will tonight.