Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Nearly three months ago, Stephen Harper broke his own election law and asked the Governor General to dissolve Parliament. The voters were furious. So mad, in fact, that they gave Steve a strengthened minority.

During the election, the CPC constantly took the low road, running on Dion's funny accent and his idealism, releasing their platform in the final week of the campaign. The voters were disgusted with this tactic. So disgusted, in fact, that Dion's Liberals got the lowest voter support in history.

As the election results were released, the voting public was indignant that we spent a few hundred million dollars and came up with essentially the same result. So indignant, in fact, that they are now convinced that Harper has an overwhelming mandate.

The CPC said there was no recession. Then they said there probably would be one, but they had a plan, but they didn't say what the plan was. They assured us that they were the "steady hand" we needed during times of crisis, and the Liberals would be a disaster. When their "economic statement" included nothing but pissant ideological spending cuts, the public was annoyed. They were so annoyed, in fact, that when the other parties objected, the public insulted them, and suggested they were afraid of losing their meal ticket.

Canadians have not been represented by a government that reflected the majority of the vote since 1984 (PCs with 50.3%). Given the opportunity to once again be represented by MPs whose parties combine to give them 53% of the vote, Canadians are appalled.

The new Parliament convened and quickly degenerated into bickering, partisanship and name calling. The voters were appalled. So appalled, in fact, that when three of the four parties agreed to work together and form a coalition, the public screamed "Coup!", "Treason", and "Power grab!"

People of all political stripes who have lamented Stephen Harper, his ideology, his contempt for other parties, his disregard of his own legislation, his frightening support for Dubya, his disdain for the arts, and his lack of compassion for Canada's most vulnerable citizens, are horrified that political opportunists might "seize power" from him.

I honestly don't get you people.

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