Saturday, April 19, 2008


Does not stand for Biped Protection Agency. It is Bisphenol A, and Canada just announced that it will become the first country to ban it in baby bottles. Sweet!

I'm really glad we're taking this step. Seriously. BPA causes prostate cancer, and I was really worried about my daughter getting prostate cancer. So this is good, because now all I have to do is go buy new baby bottles, without BPA, and she'll be just fine.

Unless we keep her food in a plastic container, or give her bottled water, or let her stick stuff into her mouth that might possibly contain BPA.

Now all we have to worry about is the pesticide and heavy metal in my wife's breast milk, the pesticides in the grass in the park, the artificial hormones in meat, the additives in her food, the literally millions of other chemicals that have been integrated into our daily lives as flame retardants, fabric softeners, air fresheners, dyes, disinfectants, preservatives, paints, stains, stain removers, electronics, car parts and deicers, as well as a trillion other things I can't think of.

Once we've got all that shit licked, it's just peak oil, mass extinctions, food shortages, climate change, new resistant diseases, old diseases that are coming back strong, corrupt governments, economic iniquity that breeds resentment and violence, resource depletion, and the recession.

And terrorism.

But BPA is right at the top of my list.

Thanks, Canada's New Conservative Government©!

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