Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Every time I see the name "Clinton", I think of Kodos and Kang, possessing the bodies of the presidential candidates in '96, and the way they said it: "CLIN-TON". Sorry. That actually has nothing to do with the rest of this.

There's a fun little screed at WorldNetDaily, about how Clinton or Obama would be catastrophic for America, because they don't radiate sanity, values and serenity the same way that Bush or McCain do.

First, there's the obvious problem: Bush has been an unquestionable disaster as president. Any objections? Didn't think so. So any "fatherly radiance" that he has emitted for the last seven-and-a-half interminable years has been like a combination of Abe Simpson, Chief Wiggum and Cletus: all parents, and all astoundingly incompetent in their own way. "[A] basically decent, if very flawed, man in the White House" is how he's described. Genocide? Murder? Torture? All for profit? This is a decent guy?

Second, there's the idea that the character of the president directly affects the behaviour of youth. What? Clinton got a blow job, so America's youth went to hell? Are Kennedy's extramarital affairs responsible for the Civil Rights Movement? Did Hoover get hoovered and start the Depression?

Third, Reagan was not a saint. He increased the prosperity gap. He began the privatization of government. He gave the US Bush Sr. He was divorced. He was from fucking Hollywood! He was not the stand-up guy the neocons would have us believe. Hardly the worst president ever (the jury's still out, but Dubya's making a run for the title), but still kind of an idiot, a greedy bastard, and likely a bigot (he didn't like poor people).

Fourth, the cause is so powerful, that Clinton will bring Satan in to the White House, that the effects are already being seen, as acknowledged in the last few paragraphs. See that?

And finally, all three candidates promise varying degrees of more of the same, and I believe that the US needs something different. I think we all do, but the US more than most countries.

What galls me most is the fact that thes folks claim the moral high ground while constantly misrepresenting the facts, stats, causes and effects.

But who needs truth when Jesus is on your side?

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