Thursday, May 29, 2008


I want to prove that I'm all about policy, not partisanship. The reason I don't like the Conservative Party of Canada is because their policies are dumb. With one exception:

The new guidelines for the "Product of Canada" label are good. Nice one. See if you can keep it up.

As for Maxime Bernier, if the PM wanted to appoint a Quebecer to a cabinet post to garner support in Quebec, and he wanted to make it someone as wacky as Bernier, why didn't he appoint him to some position that other people would think is important, but that really doesn't matter in a Conservative government? Like Minister of Environment? Ambassador to the U.N.? Indian Affairs? Universities, Training and Colleges? See, the possibilities are endless!

Mr. Harper, you fucked up. Hope it bites you in the ass. M. Bernier, you fucked up. I'm glad it bit you in the ass. Mlle. Couillard, nice rack. I'll say nothing about biting your ass.

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