Thursday, May 29, 2008

Favourite Cover Tunes

I've had a crush on Gwen Stephani for years. Not so much recently. This video was just before she plateaued.

No Doubt's version of "It's My Life" is better than Talk Talk's by a significant margin (though there's certainly something to the original). Embedding for this video on YouTube has been disabled, so here's the link, and Talk Talk's version instead. Jerks.

Incidentally, the scene at the beginning with the flamingos? I've been there. Lake Nakuru in the Rift Valley. Recently the scene of some pretty ugly genocidal nonsense.

And now for Leonard Cohen. Cohen taught me as a young man that poetry wasn't for fags or sissies. Smart, masculine men could and did write poetry. It got them laid sometimes. This song/poem is about Cohen getting laid 'cause he's was a poet. This is Rufus Wainwright covering Leonard's kickass "Chelsea Hotel No. 2":

As for Cohen's version, well, almost every song written by Cohen is better when done by someone else. "Bird on a Wire" is another good example. Here are the Neville Brothers:

Unfortunately, associated with a pretty mediocre flick.

And a little additional CanCon, here's Michael Bublé singing "I'm Your Man". Pretty damn sexy.

Sorry the audio's not so hot.

More to come, if you care.

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