Thursday, May 01, 2008


I got a tract today. From someone as I walked past a busstop. Here it is:

Here's the text, in case you can't read it (with helpful commentary!)

Right now... You are saved... Or lost!

I know exactly where I am. Dundas & Richmond, the most interesting place in London, sometimes.

Knowing for sure you'll be in heaven or... "Having the wrath of God abiding on you."

Can you actually have wrath abiding on you? Like fleas?

It's all about sin, common to everyone.

Which is useful for keeping track of these things.

"All have sinned." All need God's salvation...

Again, convenience in the afterlife. It's like those lease companies that promise that everyone will be approved.

Only his way!!! It's by faith in his son, the lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to pay man's sin-debt.

Didn't he die on the cross 'cause he claimed to be a saviour and then didn't deliver? Did I read the motivation right? He apparently also died because he needed to, because god demands blood sacrifice. She he had himself killed...

He rose from the dead, proving his victory over death and can keep you from hell!

Even if the first bit is true, I don't see how the second follows from it. By that rationale, Lazarus should be able to keep me out of hell, too.

Trust him now!

More likely to trust him than the half-assed preacher who wrote out this piece of shit, I'll tell you.

Granted, it is the message that's important, but presentation counts for something. Learn to type, for god's sake. And for once in my life, I mean that literally.

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