Saturday, June 21, 2008

Because the Bushes are just plain nuts.

There are days when I am exceeding glad to not be an American. This is one of them. Here's why:

Bush has engineered onto the November ballot two initiatives that would eliminate the state constitution’s strict church-state separation provisions, mandate funding of religion and water down language requiring a quality public school system.

For advocates of church-state separation and strong public schools, it’s a political showdown with breath-taking possible consequences.

In incredulous horror as Florida becomes even more backward and contemptible!

In terror as Bush comes back from beyond the gubernatorial grave to sabotage the youth of the nation!

North, to more forward-thinking and rational states like Georgia, Tenneessee and Kentucky!
Sometimes, I have to remind myself that not everyone in the southern U.S. is a superstitious redneck. Vjack at Atheist Revolution is a good example.

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Lark said...

You write very well.