Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Because I don't want you to think I'm only picking on the States

This is... interesting:
I'm no Nazi, says mom of 7-year-old with swastika
Manitoba mother now fighting to get kids back after seizure by province

The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG–She freely admits that her 7-year-old daughter was sent to school sporting a swastika – the Nazi emblem adopted as a symbol of racially motivated hate groups.

She says she's not a neo-Nazi, just proud of her northern European heritage.

Now she's fighting to get her children back from Manitoba Child and Family Services, and finding herself at the centre of a case that has raised questions about whether children are affected by parental views that may be extreme.

In an interview yesterday, the woman, who under provincial law cannot be identified, said her politics are misunderstood.

"This isn't, you know, a bunch of ... skinheads running around the streets in neo-Nazi gear," she said. "It's not about that. It's about being proud of who you are and what you are, and I don't have a problem with anybody feeling pride in who they are."

This appears later:
"I would never consider myself a neo-Nazi," she said. "I consider myself a proud Scottish chick."
What the hell does a swastika have to do with Scotland, except possibly Scottish neo-nazis? I hate Scotland Nazis.

I'm proud of my Scottish heritage, too: I have St. Andrew's Cross tattooed on my ankle. Another appropriate symbol would be The Lion Rampant. No swastikas.

Teaching your daughter that a symbol appropriated by the Nazis is a way to show your ethnic pride is child abuse. That kid is going to grow up a bigot.
She also defends the use of the swastika, pointing out that it is based on an ancient symbol for prosperity.
Yes. A Hindu symbol. Again, nothing to do with Scotland.

Take heart, Americans. We have our share of wingnuts.

Yay Scotland!

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