Friday, June 20, 2008

Jesus Hates Fags

I caught this on a clickthrough from Canadian Cynic:

The Search For The Pederast Brain
Scientists are desperate to establish a scientific justification for homosexuality. Public money is being spent. The belief is that if it can be demonstrated that homosexuality is in some way intrinsic rather than chosen, this will normalize and justify it. Proponents of homosexuality are hoping that this will provide a knock-out blow against Christian objections to homosexuality.

It will, of course, do no such thing. Christians understand that, since the Fall, man inherits a corrupt, that is, sinful, nature through Adam. We are born into the world with defective, disordered natures. Put it this way: we are not sinners just because we sin; we sin because we are sinners. Homosexuality will continue to be seen, in this
light, as objectively disordered against the objective standard of male and female which can be seen in nature, and, if you can't see it there, in Scripture. The remedy is not the normalization of sin; it is Christ.

I love the breathtaking arrogance of that last sentence. It is just fucking awesome, in the sense that it fills me with awe.

Of course. Jesus can fix all the gays. All they have to do is accept Jesus into their hearts, and they will no longer be gay. At least their hearts won't be. The naughty bits, as we've seen, remain gay.

This is sustained, and cloaked in a wonderful filmy gauze of compassion. You see, Ball himself loves gays. It's Jesus, you see. The devil has corrupted us all (especially gays), and it's just not natural. Want proof? Check the scripture. The thrust of it is this, unless I misunderstand. We have allowed gay people actual status as people, but that was misguided, and ultimately discriminatory, because we don't allow pedophiles to be people:

Personhood - Gay vs. Pederast
This discriminatory bias of secular society is also seen in the concept of personhood. Clearly, in our society, the terms gay and person have been twinned, to the point where gay is considered the definition of a person, as opposed to simply a descriptive trait associated with a person. (The media never talk about the rights of "men engaging in homosexual activities", it is always about the rights of "gay persons" -- the "gay" identity being stronger than the "male" identity.) The importance of this fact cannot be overstated. It is the foundation of all arguments in favour of homosexuality. And it is the foundation of all that is wrong with these arguments. Christians who understand that God has made us male and female understand that homosexual and gay are, ultimately, false identities. It may be what a person feels, it may define a person's urges, but it is not who a person is. (And that is why, ultimately, catering to these false identities is neither helpful nor kind -- gays are, like us, first and foremost, males; and lesbians, are, like us, first and foremost females. Rather than viewing homosexuals as some class of "other" with rights, we view them as being "ourselves", welcome them and embrace them as such, while holding them to the same moral standards as we hold ourselves.)

He's clear to separate the gay activities from the person, I assume because he's supposed to love the person, but it just makes him sound all weaselly, in my opinion. The phrase "men engaging in homosexual activities" seems all accusatory and discriminatory, even more so than "fag" (IMO). The implication is that a man can deny his homosexual attraction even while accomodating another man's penis. If you are enjoying another man's (or woman's) gear, I'm not saying you're gay, but you're not exactly straight and narrow.

And the phrasing of that last bit is eerie, too, about moral standards. In fact, I do hold gay people to the same moral standards as I hold myself. Where they stick their junk has very little to do with it, so long as everyone consents.

And that's where the argument falls down, Dear Reader, though he does try to accomodate it:
Both Christians and secularists have an understanding of normal, and, from this, right-and-wrong. Secularists find theirs in the amoral idea of adult permissiveness; if two adults are predisposed to do it, and want to do it, how can we say it's wrong? (Especially when we've paid for science that backs us up!) On this basic, they judge homosexuality to be OK, but pederasty not so; Christians, with minds rooted in reason and revelation, have a higher view of humankind, and, because of this, a narrower view of what constitutes a baseline of normal or moral behaviour.
Here's my baseline: consensual acts between adults. I don't care who fucks whom, unless it is me being fucked.

But I'll go one further, and this is where things get sticky, friends and neighbours. I agree that "pederasts" (what an icky word) do not choose their sexuality. And furthermore, I suggest that they warrant pity rather than revulsion. There's no fucking way they chose to be attracted to children, but because we view that "orientation" with such horror, they repress it until they succumb, rather than seeking support. Natasha at Homo Academicus does a much more thorough job of explaining this point, and I am in complete agreement. And his final declaration, that I am the bigoted one, is just fucking gross.

This is a good example of how religion can screw a person up. He sounds all kind and concerned, but he ultimately equates homosexuality with "pederasty", and uses that to validate his bigotry.

His bigotry comes from the Bible, not the science.

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