Saturday, June 14, 2008


Sounds like a shitty amusement park. But no. It's a map of the Bible Belt:

The map is a depressing image for Americans and Canadians alike, because they lose Florida, and we lose our country. It's a real drag all around, unless they want to join the Dominion of Canada, and I can't see that happening any time soon. The last time they tried to annex us, it ended badly for St. Catharines, and then for the White House, and it's only gonna get worse. But they outnumber us about 10:1, so if the US did decide to move in, there's really very little we could do about it. Fortunately, there's plenty of room.

Don't get me wrong; there is much to admire in the States, and I welcome any poor Yankee who has had enough and wants to move to a more civilized society. And to be fair, the map as drawn gives us the best parts (or at least the most cosmopolitan parts), and while I know we be reluctant to give it up (or parts of it), there's a good chance Alberta would swing red. Quebec might take the opportunity to skive off, but they'll not get a better deal anywhere else, and maybe they'll realize that.

We have a lot in common, and have only had one major dispute (and it was before we even got our nationhood), but the fact remains that when I saw that image, I felt a little chill.

I am, to cliché things up a bit, proud to be Canadian, and amalgamation would be uncomfortable.
Incidentally, the website is about some sane and sensible things happening in the Bible belt, and it's reassuring. They're not all wingnuts, apparently. Check it out.


vjack said...

In all my American self-centeredness, I never stopped to reflect on what it must be like for a Canadian to see that image. For me, it has always been commentary on how much we progressive Americans envy Canadians and how horrified we are over losing most of our country to religious delusion. I thank you for commenting on it and giving me a much needed reality check.

I've had this need to stay in the heart of Jesusland and try to fight the idiocy from within, but I don't now how much longer I'll be able to hold out. Canada looks better by the day.

Father Shaggy said...

I'd be horrified, too. I'm in a privileged position up here. I get all the information you guys do, but I'm largely untouched by it. I get to watch, as it were, the culture wars happening in your country.

And don't ency us too much. We've a federal administration that is very much enamoured with yours, despite several years of hindsight that's available.

And we also get the government we deserve.