Friday, July 11, 2008

Bishop Bill

You've all heard, no doubt, about the dumb kid in Florida who left church with Jesus up his sleeve. You've also heard, no doubt, about PZ Myers desecration contest, and the hyped up inflammatory nonsense that has ensued.

It got me thinking.

Just who the fuck is Bill Donohue? And how did he get to speak for American Catholics?

I mean, don't they already have someone who speaks for all Catholics, everywhere? Doesn't catholic mean "universal"? Shouldn't the Pope get to say jump to American Catholics? Do they ask Bill, "How high?"?

The Catholic Church is one of the few religions on the planet that actually has a central authority. I can only think of two others (granted, I'm not trying very hard): Scientology, and Catholicism Lite/Anglicanism (5% less hypocrisy, 100% less Pope!)

So Bill Donohue is not only bigoted, furious, and apopleptic (a lot of "p"s in that word), he's redundant!

I know it's tough in these troubled economic times, Bill, but maybe it's time you got a real job.

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