Saturday, July 05, 2008

Prayer will heal if you understand God

Just a quickie, because the last one was long (and strangely exhausting), and there's not much I can add to this:

Prayer will heal if you understand God, Christian Scientist says

Prayer can heal as well as any doctor — the key is understanding God, according to a prominent Christian Scientist.

Martha Moffett, an American in Halifax recently to deliver the Christian Science lecture Prayer that Heals and Restores, says it comes down to science.

"Newton discovered the law of gravity, but it was here all along," she said in an interview. "(But) people needed to understand it to take advantage of it."

God’s law works the same way.

"There’s a precedent in the Bible for Christ Jesus healing people, not just treating them as material bodies that need to be serviced like a car," she explained. "Healing is based on thought and an understanding of God and man that is different than might appear."

It keeps getting better, but what I like best is when she says that god's love is a universal scientific law. I also like the fact that this is in a newspaper, and not the Weekly World News.

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