Thursday, July 03, 2008


This is a week old, but I'm behind. Live with it.

Afghanistan must clean up corruption: MacKay
WINNIPEG -- Canada's defence minister says the Afghan government must eliminate the corruption that threatens to undermine the good work being done by Canadian soldiers and their allies.
Good on you, Pete. You're right. A corrupt government is not one we want to support. Except we installed the motherfuckers.

MacKay said Canada is playing an "enabling" role in Afghanistan, assisting the government and its military in rebuilding the country and defeating the
What I like best about it is that MacKay seems to have no idea how loaded a word "enabling" is.

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Adam said...

Ha ha - now we're propping up a government that rapes women!! Shall we declare the mission a success yet?!?!

I'm trying to find an editorial cartoon from Thursday's Vancouver Province - showed a monument of a soldier with the inscription "In Memory Of Those Who Gave Their Lives, That Afghan Men Could Rape Their Wives"

Can't find it on the Province web site - do you think they've censored it after the fact?!?