Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hear me out

I'll concede that it is possible that God exists. A God with infinte power and unlimited knowledge.

It's possible, though very unlikely, that He created the universe about 6 000 years ago. That He loves us, and listens to our prayers. Yes, I'll concede that it is possible that an actual interceding God exists. It is possible that he made us the way the Bible tells us: first the heavens and the earth, then the sky (WTF), then the light and the darkness, and then the sun (WTF), and that He hung all the stars in the sky to keep us amused, and that He put everything here on the planet for our use, and let us name it all, and I'll even concede that if He actually did that, then it's not arrogant to believe it.

I'll admit that, although it's unlikely, it's possible that God killed everyone a few years after that because he was pissed off, but that he's still essentially a good God. And I'll concede that if such a diety exists, we are in no position to question Him.

I'll admit that it's possible that the burning bush, the plagues, the stairway to heaven, the parting of the Red Sea, the unliklely military victories, the taming of the lions and the survival of the fire and the great fish actually happened. Why not? He's God after all, and if He can't break the rules, then who can?

It is conceivable (obviously, because we've conceived it) that Jesus actually was God made flesh, and let us kill Him, and then came back from the dead. I'll even allow that if He could do that, he could hang out with the Natives in North America for a while.

I'll admit that He could perform great miracles, and has in the past. And it is also possible that even though he is omnipotent and omniscient, He limits Himself to saving a few people in car, bus or plane crashes, the occasional window washer who falls to certain death, or some of the people with terminal illnesses. He also likes to make sure a handful of young black men from poor neighbourhoods grow up to play professional football, as opposed to selling drugs (that's a cliché, not racism). He also cares which team wins each game. He chooses presidents. He sends Arabs to kill people because the US is too lenient with gays and abortionists, but leaves Canada and the Netherlands alone. He floods parts of the UK for the same reason. He lowers the price of gasoline $.08/gal. if you ask nicely and sing hymns. He gets a church in Etobicoke some temporary parking. He appears in toast, crackers, and tree stumps. He makes statues cry. He punishes a whole congregation because one guy stole a piece of the Eucharist.

But he loves us, and he really is all powerful.

All of these things are possible. Can't disprove any of them. But they're stupid.

And if a guy like that did exist, I might like to hoist a few pints with him, but I wouldn't trust him with my soul.

Assuming I have one. Which is also possible.

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