Friday, July 18, 2008

The Lowest Common Denominator

I learned something today.

My post about Billie Piper that included gratuitous thong wearing generated more comments than anything I posted previously. Climate change? Who gives a fuck? The US is not-so-slowly becoming a fascist state? Yeah, yeah, whatever. Israel? What about it? GAY SEX? No thanks, I just had some.

Pithy, witty, insightful commentary on current issues of interest to all of us generates no commentary, no discussion, no indignation, outrage, or even agreement.

Jennifer Connelly with no top on? Three freaking comments, which, as sad as it is, is a personal best. One previous thread contains five, but three of those comments are mine, so they don't count.

I think we just explained Fox News, ladies and gentlemen.

Well, in the interest of giving you what you want (T&A), here is another beautiful woman, but today with some fetish action. I give you Pauley Perrette, also on my shortlist:

Sorry. No nudity. Believe me. I looked. This is all I could find (except for one image that looked like she was hammered, and she wasn't showing much anyway):

Although these are quite nice, too:

Tomorrow, I link to to raise the bar once again.

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