Monday, July 07, 2008

GM eyeing mini car for U.S. market

This came through my inbox on Friday. It makes me wonder about the big three automakers and the future of the North American economy:

DETROIT–General Motors Corp. is considering a new Chevrolet mini car for the United States as it reworks its product lineup to cope with a dramatic shift from trucks to cars prompted by high gas prices.

GM spokesperson Dee Allen said bringing to the U.S. the Chevrolet Beat, which is about the size of a Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris mini car, is among the options the company is studying.

"It is certainly one of the things that is being looked at from a portfolio perspective," Allen said yesterday.

Way to go Chevy! Only five years too late.

Heartbeat of America, my left nut. They can't even find the pulse of the car buying public.

Furthermore, they've managed to make their "green" car look evil.

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