Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Real classy

It's Michael Coren time again. Today, it's not about his religion, his bigotry or his hypocrisy. Today we add a new dimension to the complex character that is Mr. Coren.

Saturday's column was about, ultimately, the previous Saturday's column, which I've already commented on here.

Hundreds of e-mails arrived, of course. Most in my favour, but many against, which is all a healthy indication of democracy and free speech. One, however, was particularly interesting, in that it was sent by someone who is paid by our tax dollars to be objective and balanced.

"You were kidding, right? No matter. That material is about as funny as a good old-fashioned waterboarding joke. Disgraceful."
Richard Goddard
o (+001) 416-205-5950
f (+001) 416-205-5731.
Q on CBC Radio ONE.
Canada Qs up: Afternoons 2 - 3:30, Evenings 10 - 11.
Shipping Address: Office 2H109-D,
Canadian Broadcasting Centre,
205 Wellington St. W., Toronto, Ont. M5V 3G7."

Way to call him out, Michael. Very classy.

Perhaps I don't quite understand the mandate of the CBC and its employees, but I assumed that public time, money and equipment were supposed to be used for the public interest and not for private opinion and political vendettas.

If the message were purely personal, at the very least it revealed an intense ideological position from a producer who makes decisions about what should be on the public airwaves. But if it were purely personal why did it list so many CBC contact details? Was this an official CBC statement and if so could the directors of the corporation please explain their stance in greater detail?

Allow me to help you out, Mr. Coren. It took me almost fifty seconds to find this information:
The CBC is fully committed to maintaining accuracy, integrity and fairness in its journalism.
Fairly straightforward. Goddard is a producer on an A&E show. Commenting on your column is not really within his professional purview, but he didn't do it on air, so that's irrelevant. Furthermore, using the word "disgraceful" hardly reveals an "intense ideological position". You essentially said the kid was spoiled, and that is disgraceful. It also listed so many personal details because it's his freaking email signature, you Luddite.

The best bit is that Coren spent time researching Goddard's resumé, but failed to find the mandate of the CBC.

I guess what really bugged me is this: it probably took two minutes to shoot off that email. You visit Coren's website, click on "E-Mail", and it opens your email program. Goddard may or may not have done it from his home computer. But it sent from his cbc.ca email address. Probably not cool, but hardly worthy of this public outing.

Coren, not only are you hateful, bigoted, and close-minded, you are over sensitive and classless. I should have known that a bully like you couldn't take it. I almost hope you don't find out about me.

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